June 18, 2020

Serah Reikka participated at Russian Fashion Week 2020

Serah Reikka had the honor of participating in the prestigious Fashion Week in Russia (Russian Fashion Week) for the event “Global Talents Digital” as a professional virtual mannequin organized by Mercedes Benz.

A rich experience with Alexey Severin!

During this event, Serah Reikka was honored thanks to two very distinct sessions with the new digital collection “Infinite Scroll”. The latter was created by the Russo-Italian designer Alexey Severin who was exhibited among others in France at the Pompidou center in Paris.

New technologies serving businesses

With the last new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, it allows to change and improve the workflow of companies, whatever they are on any supports.

For example, use a virtual models help to optimize the work of the designers as well as to bring an almost instantaneous result (real time) during the design. And will be more and more present in the fashion world.

As with a cooking recipe, you can combine different technologies to create unforgettable experiences.

If we stay in the fashion world and have a new collection, why not combine virtual models and augmented reality to present it wherever you are? During a meeting, on the street,… All you need is a phone and your dedicated app.

Personalized support with Black Centauri

We have the skills to support you throughout the process of your project! Whether with print or digital media, your website, 3D, the use of new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and the hologram as well as the creation and management of your virtual model.

You can contact us for more information!

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