Creative agency for your next story.

Black Centauri is a creative agency that helps you to create your next story.

Here, we focus about Innovation, creativity and expertise.

Our skills with traditional tools and new technologies allows us to find a solution to your problems, to enlighten you on the next ways that can be taken and thus be unique.

Are you ready to take off with us?


We take care of your printed stuff such as business cards, flyers, magazines, etc. usable with augmented reality!

Website / App

Take full advantage of the web and the smartphones to diffuse your message or sell your products/services.

Augmented reality

Present your products with only a business card? This is one of the possibilities with the augmented reality. Add something more in our world.


Create a brand that transmits your values and builds your audience loyalty thanks to your different supports (logo, mascot, etc.) and actions.

3D Conception

The 3D is everywhere : Movie theater, video games, advertising. The possibilities with it are unlimited. A new way to explore for your needs.

Virtual reality

With the virtual reality, you can be immerse in a new world in 3D. And then, have a new medium to present a product and services.

Write your story with us.